Client spotlight series

Celebrating Client Successes & Sharing Our Network With You

Client spotlights by Ark Financial Group feature our clients’ successes in their professional lives in an impactful and engaging format. We hope these spotlights provide our clients with the opportunity to tell their story focusing on how they’ve been able to improve the service they provide to their clients.



It's not easy being green, just ask the team at Fitzgerald's. Fitzgerald's made a concerted effort to be a “green” company since the beginning of their formation. With a goal to be Waco’s leader in the green industry, they utilize organic applications throughout their customer base. Their natural and organic service is the responsible way to maintain landscapes in both a healthy and green way. Fitzgerald’s does not do this because it's popular. Rather, they do it because they care about their community since they live there too.
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KidWorks Therapy Services

The team at KidWorks Therapy Services help children to develop their underlying skills necessary for learning and performing specific tasks as well as address social and behavioral skills.
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Rorie Sparkman & Engel

Nothing is more important to a business owner than knowing they have a healthy business. Unfortunately, not all business owners are business experts. When you’re sick you go to the doctor to heal your body. Now you can go to a professional to heal your business. Meet the total business health specialists: Rorie Sparkman & Engel. Delivering a partnership that goes beyond tax preparation and advising, they provide services critical to the well-being of your business. To meet those critical needs, Rorie Sparkman & Engel deploy an arsenal of resources available to all their clients through their advising, comprehensive website, newsletters, and more.
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Sixpack Shortcuts

The world of fitness is a tricky place to navigate for those looking to improve their physical appearance and overall health. It’s a saturated marketplace heavily operated by telling you that if you want to achieve your fitness goals, then you need to purchase THIS workout routine, THIS diet regime, monthly passes to THIS gym, as well as purchase all of the expensive supplements that claim to make the job easier. In a world desiring quick results, many fall prey to the crazy gimmicks and gadgets on those late-night infomercials. Some of them work, but only for the short term – The weight always comes back… At this crossroad of failure and determination, innovation was found by way of Sixpack Shortcuts.
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Taurus Academy

Taurus Academy is as ‘home grown’ an Austin company can be with an intent to impact our community by providing excellent care for the dogs in their facilities, improving their behavior, as well as keeping them happy and safe. Their focus in behavior has created a community of polite, socialized dogs and educated owners that benefits all of Austin. They also strive to help the households they serve become happier through their expertise and connection with their clients, both canine and human. They are successful because of an emphasis on education and business excellence, and intend to be a lasting presence in the communities they serve.
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Jackson Vaughn Public Strategies

Few public advocacy firms have the breadth and experience as the team members at Jackson Vaughn Public Strategies (JVPS). A firm with personalized client services and long standing client relationships, JVPS manages and contains costs while maintaining the highest level of service. With a true passion for the robust challenges stemming from the world of government and business, JVPS has 25 years of experience solving legislative and business issues with elected officials, regulators, and industry leaders across the nation.
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Central Road Utility

When does a construction company become something more? When it connects to its community and builds strong trusted partnerships meant to last. Founded in 2003, Central Road & Utility, LTD became a construction firm based on the values of responsibility, innovation, community, and integrity. In addition to a killer set of values, CRU President, Robert Martinez, also encourages a culture of simplicity that resonates from their client and project processes to community partnerships and even their website design. Across the board, CRU has a strong cultural trait from which other organizations could learn.
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Perry & Perry Builders, Inc.

With a portfolio boasting customers like MD Anderson, The University of Texas at Austin, Reliant Stadium, BBVA, University of Texas Medical Branch, and The Domain, it’s clear that the team at Perry & Perry Builders have truly established themselves as a success in serving the Central Texas area in Steel Erection since 1972.
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Bixby Zane

Nowhere is the need to deliver a partnership of consistent and personal customer service more critical than in the world of Professional Employer Organizations (PEO). To meet the needs of clients, companies must be able to figure out what’s best for your business, your employees, and your bottom line. After opening their traditional outsourced solutions franchise, Bixby Zane realized a key ingredient was missing in the relationship between providers and their clients: consistent, ongoing, and personal care.
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