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Poor tax planning and cash management are some of the most financially damaging obstacles a business can face.
Often people who go into business for themselves are so focused on their craft that tax efficient financial planning is forgotten, so they hire an accountant to assist them in minimizing costs to the company at the end of the fiscal year.
By definition to account for something is to look backwards, and in order to be successful, business owners must be looking forward. Seeking tax and cash opportunities throughout the year, instead of waiting until tax time, will yield the best results.

Tax Planning

Taxes are among the largest expenses for a company, and planning for them early can reduce liability and boost your bottom line. We can conduct an in-depth review of your corporate finances to avoid tax traps and identify tax saving opportunities, not at the last minute, but when it can really make a difference. At Ark Financial we educate business owners on the various opportunities available to monitor and minimize taxes throughout the year so that you no longer find yourself looking backward when you are ultimately trying to move your business forward.

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Cash Management

It is equally important to understand when, where, and how your cash needs will occur before they do. We assist business owners in developing both short, and long-term cash flow plans to manage assets more effectively. We can identify the best sources and options for meeting additional cash needs before they arise, and prepare you to meet them when they do.