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4th Quarter 2016

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Considering that global markets are incredible information-processing machines that incorporate news and expectations into prices, investors are well served by staying the course with an asset allocation that reflects their …

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They Went Green Before Green Was Red Hot It’s not easy being green, just ask the team at Fitzgerald’s. Fitzgerald’s made a concerted effort to be a “green” company since the …

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Rorie Sparkman & Engel

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Nothing is more important to a business owner than knowing they have a healthy business. Unfortunately, not all business owners are business experts. When you’re sick you go to the doctor to heal your body. Now you can go to a professional to heal your business. Meet the total business health specialists: Rorie Sparkman & Engel. Delivering a partnership that goes beyond tax preparation and advising, they provide services critical to the well-being of your business. To meet those critical needs, Rorie Sparkman & Engel deploy an arsenal of resources available to all their clients through their advising, comprehensive website, newsletters, and more.